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Learn Italian online

Learn Italian from the comfort of your home with the Italian School of Dallas!

Discover Italy with us, the Italian School of Dallas, a small private language school for adults.  Our experienced native language teachers are ready to help you achieve your goals.  Whether you are a beginner, want to refine your grammar or conversation skills, or delve deeper into the culture, we can help you.  Join our personalized individual or group classes.

Grazie mille e a presto!​


The Next Beginner 1 Italian is starting on August 6th!


Start Date: August 6th

End date September 24th.  

Classes meet every Tuesday from 6:00-8:00 pm CST for a duration of 8 weeks.

Classes meet online via GoTo

Tuition is $280 + cost of books

Contact us for details!



Ciao, my name is Simona and I am the director and headteacher of the Italian School of Dallas.


I was born and raised in Italy, and I have been teaching Italian since 1996.  Through my extensive experience as a foreign language teacher and also as student, I myself know that finding the right teacher and the right program are crucial to making the whole experience fun and gratifying. Together with commitment and consistency I watched my students progress and excel while learning through enjoyable and interactive activities, games, and exercises.


Why Study with us?  


Studying at the Italian School of Dallas you will gain much more than a second language!


Our teachers' knowledge of the Italian language is accompanied by solid expertise and a positive can-do attitude.  All of our teachers have years of experience in the classroom, teaching all ages and types of students with very different learning skills, needs and motivations.   They are very patient, empathetic, love interacting with people, and know how to keep their students motivated and appropriately challenged. 

We know that creating an environment that is relaxing, intimate and conducive to learning is very important; therefore, we always strive to provide our students with a place where they feel at ease and are in no way judged for their errors.  Sharing a relationship of mutual trust and respect with the teacher and being unafraid to improve oneself is fundamental to the students’ learning process.  


This creates a bond and sense of camaraderie that is shared among the students and the teacher, and will make learning language an enjoyable and pleasant experience.


So, if you have been thinking about learning Italian for a while, come and meet your new Italian family!  We are waiting for you!

Our Team

                                        Meet our team of wonderful teachers.


Classes Offered

We offer private lessons and group classes, from beginner to advanced level.  All our group classes are generally in the evenings from 6:00-8:00 pm CST, they meet once a week, for a total of 8 weeks.  


From Beginner 1 to Pre-intermediate 

In the first Beginner courses students will learn the basic of the language and the culture.  They will learn how to relay simple information about themselves and others, and talk about daily life.  They will learn how to give simple advice and commands and how to interact effectively in different settings by using the present and the simple past tense. 


From Intermediate 1 to Pre-advanced 

At the intermediate level students will learn how to talk about their lives, routines, thoughts and desires in a more complex fashion. 

They will be able to deal with most situations likely to arise while travelling in an area where Italian is spoken.

They will be able to write about topics that are familiar or of personal interest.  


From Advanced 1 to Advanced Conversation

In this course students will become increasingly familiar with Italian culture through various material on and offline. They will learn how to express themselves in a richer, more expressive way, they will learn how to make hypotheses, and use idiomatic expressions.  They will learn how to speak critically about subjects and how to discuss theoretical topics, by reading articles and books in Italian, and watching short videos. 

Our Prices



Group Lessons

Our group classes cost $265 per session, for a total of 16 hours.  They meet in the evening once a week for two hours, for a total of eight weeks.

These classes are scheduled classes and cannot be canceled.  There is no free make-up session for missed lessons.


Private Lessons

Private lessons cost $65 per hour.  The schedule is more flexible and the time and day of class will be agreed upon between the student and the teacher.  A minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required to cancel or reschedule these classes.


Semi - Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons are for small groups of friends or family member who want to take classes together.  The cost of these classes is $35/person/hour, for up to four people.

A minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required to cancel or reschedule these classes.

Sign up for a class

Check out our selection of group and private classes.  Please contact us for details on our group classes.

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